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Movie Buffoon Turns into Movie Buff After Watching Over 200 Movies in 6 Months…

Inventor of Consensus® Movie Edition tells your audience:

Why he decided to engage in a movie marathon
How he decided which 200 movies to watch
His favorite 5 movies
Why a broad knowledge of movies is critical to successful dating
Why a broad knowledge of movies is critical in the business world
How people’s opinions about movies often reveal their innermost secrets
How a board game about movies can offer enormous insight into its participants that would otherwise take years to uncover

...And much more

Marshall Chrein, CEO

Constantly feeling left out at social gatherings and game nights when the topic of movies came up, Marshall Chrein, CEO and Founder of Mindlogic, Inc. decided to undertake an intense movie marathon. In just 6 months, he viewed 200+ movies from a list which he personally compiled.

When the marathon ended, Chrein’s status was elevated from “Movie Buffoon” to “Movie Buff.”

Although not quite a “buff,” he proceeded to create a board game called “Consensus Movie Edition.”

The Consensus Movie Edition is NOT a trivia game NOR do you have to be a movie buff to enjoy and succeed at Consensus.

“Consensus Movie Edition” is available for $29.95 at participating Barnes & Nobles
Or visit: www.bn.com
Or visit: www.consensusgame.com

Sample Interview Questions

For Marshall Chrein,

Inventor of Consensus® Movie Edition
The Exciting New Game Where Majority Rules



  1. Marshall, tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been inventing board games and how did you get into this business? (2 Minutes)
  2. So Marshall…you watched about 200 movies in 6 months. What prompted you to do such a thing? (90 seconds)
  3. How did you decide which 200 movies to see? (90 seconds)
  4. So, out of those 200 movies, what would you say are your top 5? (90 seconds)
  5. You claim that to succeed in the dating world and in the business world, it is essential to have a broad knowledge of movies. Why is that? (90 seconds)
  6. So tell us a bit about the Consensus Movie Edition board game. How do you play? (90 Seconds)
  7. Can you give us an example of a question from the game and 5 hypothetical answer choices? (30 seconds)
  8. Why is Consensus® different than your typical movie board game? (1 minute)
  9. Where is Consensus® Movie Edition sold? (30 seconds)

To Schedule An Interview,

Contact Marshall At:



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Consensus Flyer
Consensus Flyer
Consensus Flyer
Media Appearances

Spring Showcase Television Appearance
KCUP (Boss radio)
Supertalk Radio (KBKR-AM)

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